Written and Illustrated by
Kirk Gradin

Jadhu Ram lives a happy and peaceful life in the forest. But when drought strikes, what should be done? Follow in the footsteps of this young sage as he discovers a surprising answer that leads to a hidden secret: a treasure he can share with everyone!
"A delightful and inspiring children's tale that deserves wide readership." - Pravrajika Vrajaprana, author 'Vendanta, A Simple Introduction'
In the genre made popular by Jon Muth's Stone Soup and Zen series for children, Jadhu Ram and the Thirsty Forest is a contemporary fable set in an artful picture book that embraces fundamental themes of Eastern wisdom. It's vivid illustrations and poetic format will appeal to parents who wish to gently educate their children in principles of "deep ecology," empathy for the plight of others and heroic, non-violent generosity. As access to clean drinking water threatens to become a global issue of epic proportions, the tale reminds us that conservation, respect and reverence for nature and for all living things is the proper approach that puts us in harmony with benevolent, long-term solutions.